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Over nearly a decade and a half of building and updating websites, Orion Computer Consultants Ltd has developed considerable expertise in writing, editing and checking content for the web. Often this will involve working with text, but it can also involve producing and editing other media, such as photos, drawings and other graphics, video material and audio files.

Many clients rely on our services for adding regular news items, events and other new content to their sites, and to re-write their web content for more effective presentation.

Although we specialise in allowing our clients to update their own sites, we've learnt that best results are often achieved by maintaining editorial control over all or some parts of clients' published content.

Normally we'll provide this special service as part of an agreed annual charge, but where we provide content editing services separately from web design, we will charge for it on an hourly basis, and agree a cost or cost range with you before starting work.



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