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Orion Computer Consultants Ltd has been trading since 1989, initially providing computer software and consultancy services to clients which included BBC News, EMI, ICL, Gloucestershire and Leicestershire Police Constabularies and the UK Government.

Since 1996, the company has specialised in producing quality websites for its clients in Europe, Asia and North America. The company also provides internet consultancy and training services.

Our clients have access to content management software written in-house which allows them to make changes to their websites easily and instantly, without any knowledge of website design or programming. We have experience in producing multilingual websites, and can arrange to have your website text translated.

Orion's classical music websites Cadenza and Music & Vision won first and second places, respectively, in Chamber Music America's February 2000 survey of the world's fifty best classical music websites. When the same magazine revisited the online classical music scene in 2003, both Orion sites were still featured. Music & Vision magazine became a subscription publication in 2010, and in 2019 was given a complete redesign and rebrand as classicalmusicdaily.com to mark its 20th anniversary of daily publication.

Orion's managing director, Keith Bramich, read engineering at Cambridge University, followed by ten years with the Thorn EMI Research Labs at Hayes in Middlesex, during which time he specialised in computer programming, computer graphics, database and media work.

Commercial clients include Aldeberan Ltd, the premier EU business information portal EUbusiness.com, Diffusion Systems Ltd and foot and ankle surgeon Mark Herron.

Some of the classical music organisations and individuals we represent online are: Alice McVeigh, Blackfriars Sinfonia, The Hertfordshire-based Bushey Symphony Orchestra, City of Canterbury Chamber Choir, Classical Music Daily, Gerard Schurmann, Graham Williams, the Iberian and Latin American Music Society, John McCabe, John PooleNova Music Opera, Paul Sarcich and Wealden Sinfonia.

Other clients from the arts world and beyond include the authors Barb Rumson and Robin Bryans, I M Imprimit, the private Press of artist Ian Mortimer OBE, Donatella Flick (Princess Missikoff)St Peter's Church Ealing, The Neptune Association (Royal Navy Cruiser HMS Neptune, sunk December 1941) and The Triumph Association (HMS Submarine Triumph, lost January 1942).

In addition to its commercial services, Orion has become involved in arts sponsorship - particularly of classical music - and also for many years provided help to The Dog Rose Trust (a forward-thinking Shropshire-based charity which advocated the principal of universal design, and which used new technology to help the visually impaired - sadly now closed) and to the Al-Quds Foundation for Medical Schools in Palestine (FQMS, a non-political organisation which raises funds to help train medical doctors on the West Bank and in Gaza). Orion also provides conductors for the Aeolian Sinfonia of North London and the Community Choir at Alfrick, enabling these two amateur groups to keep down their costs.



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