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services - domain name registration

We provide domain name registration services by using a number of different suppliers. In particular, we provide .uk registrations through a registrar agreement (Channel Partner) with the company Nominet UK. If we register a .uk domain name for your use, this will be subject to the terms and conditions of Nominet UK and will result in the creation of a contract between you and Nominet UK.

When you register a domain name through Orion Computer Consultants Ltd, the registration will be handled manually, via exchange of emails, and before completing the registration on your behalf, we will make you aware of the terms and conditions applying to the registration.

Normally we will register a domain name as part of the process of building your website, and the costs associated with domain name registration will be included in an annual service charge which will typically include domain name registration, web hosting, rental of our proprietary CMS software and an appropriate  amount of support.

If you require a domain name registration only, however, our charges for this service are as follows: 

Orion Computer Consultants Ltd
Prices (in British pounds) for domain name registration


Two year registration or renewal, including updates to contact details
Transfer of registration
.com, .info,  .net, .org, .uk 25.00 25.00
.biz, .eu 50.00 25.00
.at, .mobi 63.00 33.00

If you would like us to register a domain name on your behalf, please get in touch via our contact form to initiate the process. Normally we can register a name for you, or make any changes that you request, within one working day.


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