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news - domain name scams

Please beware of domain name scams from companies trading as domain registrars.

Two of our clients have fallen for domain name tricks.

A common one (perpetrated by the 'Domain Registry of America') is to send what looks like an invoice for a renewal of your domain name. Hidden in the small print is a note that this is not a renewal bill, but a request to switch registrars. The correspondence is not, as such, illegal, but it is very misleading.

A similar 'misleading' service is provided by a company called 'Domain Renewal Group'.

If you are a customer of Orion Computer Consultants Ltd, you should only receive domain name renewal invoices directly from us. Please treat any other bills for internet services with suspicion.

Another trick is that you could be contacted by a company which has registered a domain name similar to your own. They will ask if you want to buy the domain name (usually at an inflated price) or if you would like to buy a link from the domain to your own site. Usually it's best to ignore these requests.



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